Hi! Thanks for popping by! 

I'm currently a designer at a digital marketing agency in San Francisco and a freelance illustrator. Freelance projects include children's book illustration, character design, portraiture and graphic design. I like making up stories and drawing characters. I was brought up by cartoons and I still think about the lessons they've taught me.

My goal is to bring an element of whimsy and optimism to your day through characters that win your heart and have something to say. I want to give back what animation has given me: a return to that curious, kind, hopeful and brave person who has always been within. My work focuses on coaxing out the kids fighting to survive within adults, and to encourage introspection and empathy. 

• BA Degree in English from UCSB '15
• CalArts Character Animation Student '22
• Founder of The Catalyst Literary Arts Magazine.

Want to play? Let's talk! Commission Status: Opens in June 2018.